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Ezekiel Watson
Ezekiel Watson

9-1-1 3x4 !!TOP!!

Solicitors and peddlers must register with the City in order to go door-to-door in Naperville. Permitted solicitors and peddlers are issued a badge by the City containing the solicitor's name, company and photo that must be worn while soliciting or peddling. (Please note that City permitting of a solicitor or peddler does not imply City endorsement of that business or service. It merely indicates that the individual has obtained a City of Naperville permit to go door-to-door as required by City Ordinance.) If you encounter a non-permitted solicitor or peddler in your neighborhood, please call 9-1-1.

9-1-1 3x4



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    Проверено! Превосходный Результат
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