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House M.D. - Season 1

The first season of House premiered November 16, 2004,[1] and ended May 24, 2005.[1] The season follows Dr. Gregory House and his team as they solve a medical case each episode. The season's sub-plot revolves around billionaire Edward Vogler making a $100 million donation to the hospital.[2] Through this donation, Vogler becomes the new chairman of the board and orders House to fire one of his team members. Vogler does this to show House he can control him: "I need to know that whatever I ask you to do, however distasteful you find it, you'll do it".[3]

House M.D. - Season 1

Chi McBride joined the cast as Vogler in five episodes of the season.[4][5] His character was brought in after Universal Studios president Jeff Zucker threatened that the season would be cut short by six episodes if a "boss" character wasn't added.[6] While there were possibilities of the character returning, he was generally disliked by viewers and critics and therefore not brought back to the show.[6] Sela Ward, who would return as the main recurring character of season two, appeared in the final two episodes as Stacy Warner, House's former girlfriend.[7]

Fans were expecting long-term consequences to House firing his team last season but were instead presented with too many characters scabbling in a bid to work with the infamous head of diagnostics. Season 4, while unique compared to other seasons, lacked both character development and medical guise. It was, however, the start of the character development for all of the characters leading into Season 5 and beyond.

In the middle of the ranks, Season 2 was the season that redefined the rest of the series. Unlike Season 1, Season 2 seeks to humanize House and deepen the complexities of his nature. While it may be in the middle, the season isn't lacking; instead, it signals the start of a better version of House, M.D.

Emotionally charged, Season 5 is one of the best seasons of House, M.D. At its peak, the season introduces viewers to a multi-faceted version of House, past his egregious self. Fans finally see House suffer severe consequences of his actions, whereby his excessive use of drugs ends his emotional plateau, landing him in a state of change. One of the best finales, Season 5 shines through as the breaking point for House and the other characters.

Edward Vogler is the main antagonist in the first season of the Universal/FOX medical drama House MD. He is the billionaire owner of a pharmaceutical company who uses his money to become chairman of the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in order to use it as a platform to promote his new drug.

Vogler is the billionaire owner of a pharmaceutical company who becomes the chairman of the board of PPTH late in season 1. He originally became rich by tricking his father into giving him $20,000 for college before investing it in a small company that quickly became successful, making him a multi-millionaire. He then decided to invest in several more successful businesses, making him a billionaire overnight.

After his father's Alzheimer's takes a turn for the worse in season 1, Vogler donates $100 million to PPTH, with the condition that he be made chairman of the board to control how they spend his money. He immediately takes a dislike to Dr. House, and employs Dr. Robert Chase to spy on him.

And here I am listing them, and also, making several updatabale memes about them. So you can bookmark this page to come back for more images of House-isms memes. I am starting with season one, but will keep on adding until completing season eight. So, make sure to comeback.

Often seen misusing the cane, House did need it though for its weigh bearing benefits. The canes in the series were specialty canes and some standard canes that House adorned through the several years of the shows term. The many uses, though some unorthodox, made the cane an integral part of the character, Dr. Gregory House, and most were sent to their dramatic ends in style, from burning houses to bus crashes. The stylish canes are represented as adding the flare to the character and almost reminiscent of a smooth talking Sherlock Holmes as his deductive reasoning often saved the patients just before their temptations with an early demise had come to pass.

The impressive canes featured by Dr. House were not only staged as a medical device but the doctor made the cane an extension of his being as he would slam through doors and use his cane to make his point in many of his educated findings. He could spin and toggle the cane, and even in one episode, Bombshell, the dream of the zombies, Dr. House managed to use his cane as an axe, shotgun and a flashlight. Now every man cave needs a backup cane of that caliber. The many styles have been quite the rage and while several of the canes have been auctioned for charity benefits, we carry a full line of replica canes featured by the hit series and made fashionably notable by Hugh Laurie. Categorized by seasons and episodes the Replica canes of Dr. House are available for those whi enjoy collecting memorabilia or simply like the styles and canes used by the personable Dr. Gregory House.

Not seen after its end in the second season of the series episode of Babies and Bathwater, the dark wood stained cane suspected to be made of walnut with a silver collar first appeared in the pilot episode. The cane was replaced later by the one that made the advertisement lead and cover editions. Why House made the switch is never explained in the series but the Opera house cane is often sought after and the golf club style handle of the Opera cane is quite unique. The suspected walnut cane could be a fashionable model of beech wood with dark walnut stain and the beech wood handle to match also with walnut stain. It was never stated what type of cane the new Doctor used but several replica models can be found that are very similar.

A quick appearance of this J" handle style considered a tourist cane or walking stick style of cane was seen for a brief point in season 1 and seems to be the cane that Dr. House favors for special occasions. The maple wood shaft is a hard and rich wood that is ebony stained to create a dark and husky style that is adorned by a genuine German Alpaca handle with a floral embellishment. The fashionable cane made another appearance in season 2 when it is used to bust a padlock open, unlocking it in the famous episode, All In. The charity driven episode of the night features House in yet another predicament and his trusty cane of course saves the day. The cane is seen throughout the life of the series and till the end in the season 7 episode, small Sacrifices which House uses for a wedding party.

As told by House's therapist when receiving treatment at the hospital that the cane is not a proper device for the support he needs, she takes the highly glossed and stylish walnut cane from House and replaces it with a more medically sound design with a four tip claw tip that House does use for a brief time. He quickly trades the cane later in the episode. The Walnut stained cane is quite impressive and is an adorned cane the is used in season 2 episode, Sleeping Dogs Lie. Although he loses it in the third season where the therapist removes it from him, the interesting episode, Whack a Mole, it still makes many more appearances throughout the seasons. Once the cane reaches it end, it is lost forever under the rubble of a collapsed building in the 6th season of the final episode, Help Me.

In the series and the episode, Whack A Mole, the stubborn Dr. House is upset with the therapist's choice in canes and trades his quad cane for an adjustable folding cane given to him by a hospital patron. The cane works its way through several episodes until the episode, Flames, in which Wilson's dog ruins the cane after chewing through the handle. Once Dr. House has realized his demise, he makes Wilson buy him a new cane, and chooses the extra sleek and extra tall black tourist cane with the stylish flames. He has many quips about the styles of his canes, such as the first cane seen in episode two was said to make him thinner while the flamed cane makes him faster. The highly collectible cane is available and does come in a variety of custom heights. The cane finally meets its end in the 4th season episode, House's Head, when he loses it after a bus crash.

After Dr. House decides to quit using Methadone, he reverts back to using a cane and a lighter version of the fourth cane is seen in season 4 and most of season 5. The tourist handle and long shaft are made of exquisite hard maple and features the usual rubber tip. The cane is featured on the cover of season 5 and is the one that DR. House throws in the dumpster after he exclaims to Wilson that he is pain free and admits to using methadone. The methadone episodes leave House cane free for a time but he picks the cane back up again and decides to try going on it alone without the assistance of the meds.

First seen in season 3 when House is shopping for a new cane, it does not make its appearance in the show until season 7. The cane named by Taub as the, Death Head Cane, is used for a couple of episodes after its debut in the episode, Selfish. The cane is made of a black wooden shaft and a silver skull head is the knob style handle that House uses as his main cane. Adorned with a high quality steel tip and made of durable beech wood, the cane is quite a fashion statement even for the eccentric Dr. Gregory House. The sleek cane style does deepen the plot a little as the darker side of House is once revealed again.

Enough with the flashy canes, House decides to get a new cane of the tourist style he favors through most all of the series and he chooses a Rosewood style in the episode, Massage Therapy, in season 7. The season episode highlights Chase hiring a new intern and basically gives House the support he needs to lean on. The cane makes it through to the end with its quiet style and fashionable appearance as a good walking cane for Dr. House and his strange but exotic style of medicine. Rosewood canes are very fashionable and the hard wood fashion is a bit of elegance as the rose wood stain adds the brilliance this cane deserves. 041b061a72


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