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Persona 5 Pc Download

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Persona 5 Pc Download

The Phantom Thieves are ejected from Mementos by the Treasure itself, manifested as the Holy Grail, and vanish after witnessing the Metaverse merge with reality. Waking in the Velvet Room, Joker confronts Igor, Caroline, and Justine. Caroline and Justine regain their memories and integrate into Lavenza, their proper form. Lavenza reveals the Igor that Joker has been seeing in the Velvet Room until this point is actually Yaldabaoth, the God of Control, who imprisoned the actual Igor. Yaldabaoth, Mementos' Treasure made sentient, was created from humanity's wish to give up control and be free from suffering. Through a wager made with Igor over humanity's goals, Yaldabaoth had given Joker and Akechi their abilities to see the influence of their actions on society while steering the wager in his favor. Joker rejects Yaldabaoth's offer to return to his world at the cost of his freedom, and he, along with the rest of the Phantom Thieves, fights him. Joker's confidants rally the support of the people, rebelling against Yaldabaoth's control and allowing Joker to awaken his ultimate persona, Satanael, to destroy Yaldabaoth and the Metaverse. After Yaldabaoth's defeat, Joker turns himself in to the police for Shido to be prosecuted. While Joker is incarcerated, the rest of the Phantom Thieves and his confidants successfully help secure evidence of Joker's innocence in the assault charge, leading to his conviction being overturned. By spring, Joker's friends drive him back to his hometown.

In Persona 5 Royal, two new characters interact with the Phantom Thieves: Kasumi Yoshizawa, an accomplished rhythmic gymnast who transferred to Shujin at the same time as Joker, and Takuto Maruki, a school counselor hired after Kamoshida is exposed. Kasumi awakens to her Persona after discovering a new Palace in Odaiba with Joker. Maruki, in turn, talks to each of the Phantom Thieves, learning their deepest wishes. After defeating Yaldabaoth, a still-living Akechi turns himself over to Sae in Joker's place. At the beginning of the following year, Joker finds reality distorted; Akechi was released without reason, and each Phantom Thief has had their deepest wish granted. Joker, Akechi, and Kasumi investigate the Palace in Odaiba and learn that its owner is Maruki, a Persona-user able to alter reality. Using Yaldabaoth's leftover power, Maruki gained control over Mementos, determined to create a world where everyone's dreams become a reality. Maruki reveals that "Kasumi" is actually her twin sister Sumire; the latter has been impersonating her to cope with the former's death, revealed to be due to the influence of Maruki's powers. Maruki gives Joker time to choose whether to accept his idealized reality. Joker reminds the Phantom Thieves and Sumire of their real lives, and they agree to change Maruki's heart.

The characters' initial Personas (Arsène, Captain Kidd, Carmen, Zorro, Goemon, Johanna, Necronomicon, Milady, Robin Hood, and Cendrillon) were themed after outlaws and picaresque heroes to reflect the function and dominant suppressed passions forming the Palace, and also represent aspects of their owners' personalities.[2][15][16][18][42] Joker's initial Persona was originally the German demon Mephistopheles, but was changed to Arsène as the latter character better fit the game's themes.[41] The cast's ultimate Personas (Satanael, Seiten Taisei, Hecate, Mercurius, Kamu Susano-o, Anat, Prometheus, Astarte, Loki and Vanadis) were based on mythical beings who act as tricksters or rebels.[34][42] The three main inspirations behind Joker's alter ego were Arsène Lupin, The Fiend with Twenty Faces, and Japanese outlaw hero Ishikawa Goemon.[38] The name of Joker's high school, "Shujin", was chosen because it was a homonym of Shūjin (囚人), the Japanese word for "prisoner".[43] Following a trend from earlier entries, the Velvet Room assistants are named after characters from the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.[11]

In April 2016, Atlus launched a countdown that ran until May 5, 2016. Shortly after, a special livestream was announced titled Take Tokyo Tower, which coincided with the countdown date. During the Take Tokyo Tower livestream, a trailer revealed the game's final release date. Persona 5 was released in Japan on September 15, 2016.[68] Along with the standard edition, a 20th Anniversary Edition was released, which features all downloadable content (DLC) based on Persona 3 and Persona 4, a five-CD best-of album set featuring music from all six main games in the series, and the official artbook for the game by Soejima.[69] In honor of the game's Japanese release, the series-focused variety show Persona Stalker Club featured a new programming block titled Persona Stalker Club V.[70] To promote the game in Japan, Atlus partnered with AKG Acoustics to release limited edition wireless headphones based on the one Futaba wears in-game.[71] The headphones were released in December 2016 and came with box art designed by Soejima, as well as a music CD featuring two remixed tracks from the game by Meguro and Kozuka.[71] Certain in-game character apparel, such as jackets and tote bags, were also released in Japan in February and March 2018.[72][73]

Sega published Royal in Europe and Australia, taking over from Deep Silver who published the original in those regions.[106] Upon release, Royal received numerous character costume sets and Personas as paid DLC. Costumes include those based on the characters of Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, and Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux, and of the characters from the Velvet Room. Additionally, Kasumi received costumes matching all previously released cosmetic DLC as part of her own bundle. Personas added include those from Persona 3 and 4 and a new one created for Persona 5 Royal. The returning Personas include a new design and the original design of each. A Battle Bundle was also released that, aside from including items to assist in combat, also features a challenge battle mode.[107] All DLC from the original game was also made available as a free download for owners of Persona 5 Royal.[108] The paid DLC created for Royal was included for free in the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S versions.[109][110] The game supports Xbox Play Anywhere on Microsoft platforms, but the PlayStation 5 version does not offer upgrade path or save data transfer from PlayStation 4.[111]

hey man can i ask for a question?so i have already download persona 5 BLUS31604 version right and extract it. And im play it in RPCS3, and im gonna ask you for the DLC. After im download japanese voice (direct psn link) and other one is fix version and then im installed and i try to play it and change the voice to japan in config. and then i start the game the voice is stil english, so what im miss or wrong download the dlc?

The app, the Metaverse Navigator, allows users to enter the shared consciousness of Tokyo, where particularly nasty individuals who wield influence have grotesque Palaces. Guarded by demons (who are mostly inspired by real world mythology from many cultures, materialised in this world via that shared belief), it's a deathtrap for your average passerby. But you (and later your friends), are able to draw on that demonic power for yourself by reckoning with the mask society has forced you to wear, dramatically tearing it off to evoke your persona in battle.

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Upload size / to download: 20601MBRAR parts: 2000MB (interchangeable/compatible)ISO image size: 20601MBNumber of compressions: only oneData recovery: noneLanguages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Traditional ChineseDubbing/Audio: English, Japanese

For any PlayStation Now games you had downloaded and played locally, the save data is stored on your local console storage device. If you have access to the game through PlayStation Plus or other means, you should be able to continue your game where you left off. For any games that you had been streaming, the save data was stored within the PlayStation Now cloud streaming storage. If the game is included in the Game Catalog or Classics Catalog within the PlayStation Plus membership benefits, you can continue to stream the game with a PlayStation Plus Premium membership using your previous cloud save file. You can also access the cloud save file and transfer it to your PlayStation Plus cloud storage and then download it to your local console.

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