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This is a list of original novels, novel adaptations, original junior novels, junior novel adaptations, young readers, and short stories in the Star Wars franchise. This list does not include journals, graphic novels or comic books, which can be found in the list of Star Wars comic books. Reference books and roleplaying gamebooks can be found at the list of Star Wars reference books.

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Since 2014, the official Star Wars canon includes all of the movie episodes, The Clone Wars film and the television shows Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, and Star Wars Resistance, as well as any books, comics, and video games published after April 2014.

The collection Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Aliens is part of the Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens promotional campaign. Some stories were originally published as individual e-books, and later collected with other new stories. However, they were all published together as a book called Star Wars: Tales From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Star Wars books are centered around the film series and is comprised of novels, comics, graphic novels, reference books, and more. The Star Wars books were written and produced during and after the original trilogy of Star Wars films. Many of these books contain content that was not used in the movies or was slightly altered to have different plot-lines and endings versus the well-known films, which makes it exciting and unique for fans. There are many different Star Wars books and series, ranging from childrens books to adult novels. Some popular Star Wars series include The Clone Wars, The Last of the Jedi, The Han Solo Trilogy, Galaxy of Fear, Jedi Prince, X-Wing, The New Jedi Order, Legacy of the Force, and many more. Whether you choose to read new Star Wars books or the original Star Wars books, find them all at Barnes & Noble!

The books introduce a fan-favorite character, Grand Admiral Thrawn, a brilliant tactician who attempts to resurrect the Empire and set his sights against the New Republic and several of the classic characters from the original trilogy.

In the years since the demise of the Expanded Universe, Claudia Gray has established herself as one of the most popular recurring writers in the Star Wars canon. She got her start there with this story of star-crossed lovers, one of whom joins the Rebel Alliance while the other remains a TIE pilot serving the Galactic Empire.

Enter Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear, a dozen-book run made for young adults, featuring a duo of Force-sensitive siblings caught in various, spooky predicaments in a galaxy far, far away. The books even showcases guest appearances from major Star Wars characters like Han Solo, Boba Fett, and Princess Leia.

A list of all Star Wars books. This includes all film novelizations, novels, comics, young readers, reference books, roleplaying sourcebooks, and more. All stories are presented here in in-universe chronological order, as opposed to real-world release dates.

As the renegade Nihil tear through the galaxy unchecked, the ruthless Tempest Runner named Lourna Dee outfoxes the Jedi Order in her starship which bears her own name. Following her eventual capture by the Jedi, the vicious raider disguises herself as a common Nihil unbeknownst to her captors.

The visual odyssey features trivia and cultural cornerstones from director George Lucas' early life to memorable movie stills, comic books, novels, toys, video games, and theme parks that have emerged from five decades of filmmaking. Spans all nine episodes of the original, prequel, and sequel trilogies, along with standalone films "Rogue One" and "Solo," and the Disney Plus series, "The Mandalorian."

April 27, 2020. All our staff are healthy, and Future Aids remains proudly open. Regular office hours are still in effect, but may be reduced in the coming weeks in response to decreased demand. Due to plastic shortages in our area we have run out of book covers, so will be binding books with dual Braille paper covers until the middle of May. Though we aren't expecting incoming shipments any time soon, we still have plenty of inventory on hand to fulfill orders. As usual, any products that are out of stock will be clearly marked as such on the website. Though we are shipping orders promptly (within one business day of receipt), carrier delivery times may be longer than usual. We thank you for your patronage throughout this difficult time, and look forward to serving you for many years to come.

When Disney adopted the rights to Lucasfilm and relaunched the Star Wars franchise, they initiated a new era of publishing and a new canon. Novels released since 2014 are a part of this new timeline. While some of the older books have been re-released by Disney, they are now considered part of the "Legends" non-canon timeline.

Star Wars may have started with a series of life-changing, industry redefining films, but the story of Skywalkers, scoundrels, Jedi, and Sith has been conquering a number of other mediums for decades.

A lot of the storytelling in the Star Wars comic book universe builds on the foundation that came before it, and in order to get the full context of the narrative, we would highly suggest at least starting with the #1 issue for your favorite series.

With the Star Wars franchise growing so big and now receiving another adaptation in the form of 2023's Rogue Squadron, it's hard for a beginner to tell which Star Wars covers belong to canon books, and which can be attributed to fan fiction.

Knowing the entire Star Wars story won't only make watching the Star Wars films a lot better experience. Getting acquainted with the Star Wars universe also helps aspiring writers who wish to write their own science fiction books and short stories, so keep reading!

Yes. Clone wars are featured in the Prequel sections between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. This story shows the conflicts between the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Galactic Republic, which are named Clone Wars to start with.

Most Star Wars fans prefer the books to movies though. The reason that books are so often found to be better quality than movies is because books take longer to write, so the writer has more time and much more opportunities to revise their work.

With Star Wars, in particular, opinions are divided regarding whether the books are better than the movies, and even when comparing the books against one another. Some books are said to be better quality than others.

The list of Star Wars books is long. All the Star Wars books put together make for 381 books, not including comics and other media, like short stories, collected stories, and "secret history" publications.

Now, we come to the moment you've been waiting for. Here, we will list the major Star Wars books in the exact chronological order. Keep in mind that this list doesn't contain only canon novels. It includes important expanded universe publishing as well.

However, don't think of expanded universe as somehow less relevant or less quality than the canon. Novels that expand the franchise contribute to the beloved Star Wars story and give its millions of fans more of the same thing they love. Without further ado, here's a full list of the best Star Wars books:

Now, with so many books to read, you likely wish to make a selection and prioritize them for the best learning and reading experience. For this reason, we outlined some commentary about staples that made for the best Star Wars books, and why said features made them better than others.

The symbiosis of books and movies, along with the birth of the expanded writing, began with the 1991 Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn, which focused more on Han Solo, Luke, and Leia than your typical Star Wars books. It saw two further installments, the second titled Dark Force Rising, and the third being The Last Command.

While both the expanded and canon versions of the original trilogy are considered to be pieces of high-quality writing, many Star Wars enthusiasts prefer the expanded version. Why? It is said that the Legends follow their own direction and focus, whereas the canon books are more tied in with the events of related movies.

On that know, while it's wise to start from official canon novel collections, don't forget about other series like The High Republic era books, the Galactic Republic era, and ultimately the New Republic era books. The High Republic era series alone counts over 10 novels to enjoy!

Into the Dark is part of new The High Republic publishing program, telling stories of the Old Republic and the Jedi set 200 years before the movies. In this case the story follows a bookish Jedi apprentice who's drawn into galactic events against his will, entwined in a dangerous mystery in space.Buy from Amazon!This is a book from the New Canon timeline! It's guaranteed to be consistent with future Star Wars movies, TV shows, books, and comics (and almost all new stories since mid-2014).

Buy on Amazon!This is a book from the New Canon timeline! It's guaranteed to be consistent with future movies, TV shows, books, and comics (and most stories since mid-2014).

This book takes place between Attack of the Clones and The Clone Wars movie and TV show, and right before the Obi-Wan and Anakin novel Brotherhood.Buy on Amazon!This is a book from the New Canon timeline! It's guaranteed to be consistent with future movies, TV shows, books, and comics (and most stories since mid-2014).

Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View by various authorsThis book isn't actually a novel, but something much more special: To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the original Star Wars movie, dozens of authors came together to write 40 short stories, each one retelling part of the movie from a new perspective. Most of the stories are told from the viewpoint of a minor background character or other onlooker to the events of the movie.As if that wasn't cool enough, the authors all contributed for free, with the publisher donating the proceeds to charity.This is the first New Canon take on background characters from Episode IV: A New Hope, but if you can't get enough, also check out Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina in the Legends alternate timeline! And if you enjoyed this book, check out the sequel, The Empire Strikes Back: From a Certain Point of View.Buy from Amazon!This is a book from the New Canon timeline! It's guaranteed to be consistent with future movies, TV shows, books, and comics (and most new stories since 2014). 041b061a72


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