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The Ritual YIFY WORK

Morgan Freeman has made millions of dollars over the course of his acting career. When you have this much money and clout in Hollywood you can pick and choose projects dear to your heart. Is the man bankrupt now or does he have a horrible agent or maybe he owes a "favor" to the Italian mafia? Why would he involve himself in this shamefully bad movie?3 storylines are introduced at the same time. An African witch doctor is on the loose in some Italian city while being chased by Inspector Lavazza. In America, an African studies college professor Mackles (Morgan Freeman) challenges a student to find an absurd social theory so they can discuss in the next class. An unstable detective Boyd (Cole Hauser) executes a pedophile in some hotel room.All 3 will be connected to the African witch doctor Randoku who is super human that sells his ritual powers to the rich and powerful. This witch doctor is commissioned by some rich dude to gain power so let the mutilations begin!The plot is not at all intriguing as many variations of it has been done for decades. The only difference is an A-list Hollywood star willing to work in this B movie. Cole Hauser is not a leading man he can barely read lines and work with any emotion without being awkward to watch. There was one scene towards the end when he hugs a woman doctor multiple times for no reason and then gives her a deep sniff that reminded me of a certain US president.The list of rhetorical questions is long and this is a reminder that if you choose to watch this don't ask any. I really don't know why Morgan Freeman chose to work in this role. If he is hard up for money then start a GFM page and save people the hours lost watching this soul crushing nonsense.

The Ritual YIFY

For the people they had on the cast here (as well as for the main plot) this movie is a colossal disappointment. I am only 25 minutes into this movie and I had to pause to write this.There is absolutely no flow to this. No scene transition. Almost half of the scenes so far don't even make sense when added to the rest.The actors/ actresses feel like they're reading their lines for a radio broadcast. No inflection or emotion whatsoever.To cap it off, this is a movie that is about a ritualistic serial killer but the whole thing feels like its trying to pass the PG rating criteria.The entire scene in the morgue where the guy is describing the injuries to the body but they NEVER SHOW a SINGLE injury or even a glimpse of the body whatsoever. They could have been looking at a chicken sandwich for all we know.Shame on you for agreeing to this, Morgan Freeman. Shame!

A group of guys go on vacation together every year. One in the group was killed, and they decide to do a little memorial along the way as they hike a mountain trail in Sweden (filmed in Romania). Things go well until they feel they need to take a short cut through the dense forest where they discover the proverbial cabin in the woods. The cabin was clearly used for some pagan ritual. They get scared and want out. The film was slow in developing but wasn't boring. Rafe Spall is set up as the final guy from the beginning. There is a creature that we see at the end. Nice trees. Guide: f-word. No sex. Male side nudity.

Right, well I was lured in to watch this 2002 movie for two things; first and foremost because it was a Tales from the Crypt movie, and secondly, it had Tim Curry in it.Okay, well as for it being a Tales from the Crypt movie, well that might very well be so, but don't expect too much from the movie itself, because it feels nothing like the series, and there is absolutely nothing to tie it to the franchise, aside from a short appearance of The Cryptkeeper. Yeah, that was about it.The storyline in "Ritual" was adequate, but it was just something that had been done and seen before. I mean, voodoo rituals are hardly something new and innovative. But the storyline just felt too rigid and mundane actually, which lead to "Ritual" being a less than mediocre movie to sit through. The pacing of the storytelling was just so horribly slow. And it didn't help that nothing worthwhile happened most of the time as the story trotted on and on.The acting in the movie was adequate, but it was restricted given the fact that the storyline was so slow and mundane. The character gallery, however, had so much potential, but I just feel that the majority of the characters in the storyline just weren't utilized for what they could have. It was nice, though, to see the likes of Craig Sheffer and Tim Curry in the movie, but they just weren't given enough time on the screen, and they could otherwise have brought the movie so much more worth.All in all, "Ritual" was by no means a grand piece of cinematic history, and it seemed that I hadn't been missing out on anything grand here from director Avi Nesher. My rating of "Ritual", once the Obeah dust settles, is a mere three out of ten stars. There are far better voodoo-based movies out there.

Alex de la Iglesia met Jose Guerricaechevarria in the early 90's, which led to their first short film, Mirindas Asesinas, in which a normal man becomes a killer. They've worked together ever since, particularly on the Pedro Almodovar produced Accion Mutante, a story of handicapped people fighting back in a post-apocalyptic future. He followed that movie with this one, which won 6 Goyas - think Oscar in Spanish - including Best Director.Father Angel Berriartua (Alexa Angulo, Pan's Labyrinth), a priest and professor of theology, confesses to another priest that he is about to commit as much evil as possible. The other priest is shocked until he explains why, but before he can help, a large cross crushes him.His mission takes him to Madrid, where he meets heavy metal fan, record shop clerk and Satanist Jose Maria (Santiago Segura, who has made the Torrente, el brazo tonto de la ley film series that parodies Stallone' Cobra). Jose helps Angel find a place in his mother's boarding house and continue his path toward evil, which guides him to steal a book by occult TV show host Professor Cavan.Jose and Angel decide to kidnap the Professor and force him to teach them how to sell their souls to the devil. Why? Angel has decoded that Bible and learned that the Antichrist will be born at midnight on Christmas Eve. If he sells his soul, the Devil will trust him and allow him to witness the birth, which will allow him to sneak in and kill the Antichrist, saving the world.The ritual will need the blood of a virgin, which is no easy feat in modern Madrid. Luckily, Mina, who lives in Jose's mother's boarding house, is one. As Angel draws her blood, he's surprised by Jose's mother, who ends up killing herself with a shotgun by accident. No matter - the threesome instead burns a piece of paper chaos magic style, takes LSD and finishes the ritual. Cavan jokes that it's all a farce until a goat appears and the devil taunts them in a message, saying that he knows Angel's plan.Do they find the devil? You bet. A movie this insane totally needs a nearly nude gigantic Satan wandering the rooftops, ready to chuck people off to their doom. Even crazier, most rituals showed in the films are real Satanist rituals and weren't altered at all. Or so they say.After the movie's moderate success in the US, de la Iglesia sold the rights for an American remake, which he was going to direct. It never happened, nor did his opportunity to direct Alien: Resurrection. However, he did direct his next movie, Perdita Durango, in the U.S.Man, we totally missed this in our Christmas movies and in our heavy metal movie spotlights, but I'm so happy that this movie is finally on our site. 041b061a72


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