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Vengaiyin Maindhan Tamil Novel Pdf Free 166

Vengaiyin Maindhan: A Tamil Historical Novel by Akilan

Vengaiyin Maindhan is a Tamil historical novel written by Akilan, a renowned Tamil writer and Sahitya Akademi award winner. The novel is set in the 11th century during the reign of Rajendra Chola I, one of the greatest emperors of India. The novel depicts the life and adventures of Vandhiyathevan, a young and brave warrior who serves as a messenger and spy for the Chola king. Vandhiyathevan travels across the vast Chola empire, from the Himalayas to Sri Lanka, and encounters various historical figures, such as Raja Raja Chola I, Nandini, Aniruddha Brahmarayar, Kundavai, Arulmozhivarman (later Rajendra Chola I), and Veera Pandya Kattabomman. The novel also portrays the political intrigues, religious conflicts, cultural diversity, and social issues of the medieval period.

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The novel was first published in 1956 as a serial in the Tamil magazine Kalki. It was later compiled into four volumes and became one of the most popular and acclaimed works of Tamil literature. The novel has been translated into several languages, including English, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, and Sinhala. The novel has also been adapted into a radio drama, a television series, and a film.

The title of the novel, Vengaiyin Maindhan, means "The Tiger's Cub" or "The Son of the Tiger" in Tamil. It refers to Vandhiyathevan, who is nicknamed as such by his friend Alwarkadiyan Nambi for his courage and loyalty. The title also alludes to the emblem of the Chola dynasty, which was a roaring tiger.

The novel is considered as a masterpiece of historical fiction and a classic of Tamil literature. It has been praised for its rich and authentic depiction of the Chola period, its captivating plot, its memorable characters, its poetic language, and its patriotic spirit. The novel has inspired many readers and writers across generations and cultures.

If you are interested in reading this novel, you can download it for free from [this link] or [this link]. You can also buy it from [this link].


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