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The 29th World Championship for Quake Live, a fast-paced first-person shooter game, took place on July 11th as part of the QuakeCon 2015 event. More than 1000 players from different countries and regions competed online for a chance to qualify for the LAN final, where the best eight players faced off in a single-elimination bracket. The overview video captures some of the most exciting moments and highlights from the online and offline matches. The LAN final was a thrilling showdown between two legendary players, Evil and Cypher, who battled for the title of world champion and a $12,000 prize. The full video of the final match is available on YouTube for anyone who wants to watch the epic clash of skills and strategies.

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The Tri-Master tournament was a unique format that tested the players' skills and versatility in three different game modes: Team Deathmatch (TDM), Capture the Flag (CTF), and Duel. Each team consisted of four players, and each player had to compete in one of the game modes. The teams earned points based on their performance in each game mode, and the team with the most points at the end of the tournament was crowned the overall champion.

The tournament featured some of the best Quake Live players and teams in the world, such as **Meltdown**, **Deliberate Murder**, **Break the Curse**, **Averagers**, and **Found Em!**. The competition was fierce and intense, with many close matches and surprising outcomes. Some of the highlights included **Evil**'s dominant performance in Duel, **Meltdown**'s flawless run in TDM, **Found Em!**'s comeback in CTF, and **Break the Curse**'s upset over **Deliberate Murder** in the final round.

The Tri-Master tournament was a great showcase of Quake Live's diversity and depth as an arena shooter game. It also provided a lot of entertainment and excitement for the fans and spectators who watched the matches live at QuakeCon 2015 or online via Twitch. The tournament was widely praised by the community and the players, who enjoyed the challenge and the variety of the format. The Tri-Master tournament was one of the most memorable and successful events in Quake Live's history.


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